Monday, May 3, 2010

No Samosas-No Pakodas in this Summer

The sweltering summer heat has set in in most parts of India.

It is hottest April and same may in the last 50 years, and northern, eastern, western and central parts of the country continue to sweat it out as the mercury crosses 40 Celsius.

As citizen's pray for an early monsoon, staying cool this summer is now more a necessity than just about comfort.

So, to help you beat the blistering heat here are some easy-to-do suggestions:

Doctors recommend small light meals, that are high on green, leafy veggies instead of large, heavy non-vegetarian meals during the summer. This will not only give your digestive system a break and help beat the lethargy that usually follows a heavy meal, but will also leave place for water, juices and cooling fruit.

Speaking of fruit, make sure you get in plenty of fresh fruit with high water content, for eg, watermelon and other melons, grapes, oranges, sweet lime etc.

Deep-fried foods such as bhajjias, wafers, samosas and farsan are not a good idea since they tend to have a thermal effect on the body, as are caffeinated, carbonated drinks that tend to promote dehydration.

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