Monday, June 7, 2010

Workouts for healthy body, soul and mind

More than the battle with the world outside, it is the conflict within yourself that subverts your body and soul in this competitive world. If you decide to take a break from the struggle, to relax for a while, by the time you get back, the world has already moved four paces ahead.

The concept behind combining combat exercises and yoga is to soothe your soul and at the same time prepare the body and the mind for any challenge.

Celebrity fitness trainer, Hemal Shah explains that the combination of power yoga and kickboxing is gaining popularity, as it strengthens the muscles but also gives immense mental relaxation.

“Yoga and kickboxing may look lik the complete opposite of each other but actually they’re not. Both require harmonisation of body, mind and soul,” says Hemal.

Power yoga is a more vigorous form of yoga and when its breathing techniques, stretching and body postures are combined with kickboxing, it provides a workout for the entire body. Flawless transition is a vital component of this form.

“We begin with suryanamaskar that takes care of stretches and the shoulder press. From asanas we slowly move to straight kicks, back kicks and sidekicks. It simply means we alter the yoga poses with kicks,” he explains.

With the help of power yoga, the core muscles are strengthened and activated. On the other hand, kickboxing gives energy. Thus, this combination helps work out the cardiovascular system and also improves body strength, power and flexibility which keeps the body focussed and energised all day.

The other effective combination Hemal suggests is the kickboxing-tai chi combo in which the balancing, stretching and breathing technique of tai chi is intermingled with the intensive kicks and punches of kickboxing. Like the kickboxing-yoga combo, this one too works on both body and mind.

The balancing and breathing techniques of tai chi are combined with fast-paced kicks and punches for an ideal workout for the abs. Also, since some women find kickboxing very strenuous, this workout could work well for them.

Breathing is the pivotal component of the combo workouts, and it is always good to work out under the guidance of an expert.

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